We were contemplating our homewares, why our products are chosen and where these beautiful things may ultimately find themselves.

Because our individual happiness and sense of wellbeing is subtly influenced by the quality of our surroundings and the comforts and sanctuary that these spaces provide, our thoughts then meandered about to wonderful moments of sharing and family and relaxation, of friends and food.  Our ideas and thoughts were beginning to seed the inspiration for Cafe Kim Soo.

As a natural extension to Kim Soo, Cafe Kim Soo is a living experience, of our Kim Soo product range.  Raw wood, recycled teak root, glassware and ceramics.  Marble top French cafe tables, teak kitchen hutches, vintage wooden chairs, brassware, cushions and much more.  Authentic handcrafted, hand hewn quality in everyday use that reflects the unpretentious and useable beauty of the Kim Soo aesthetic.

The food we cook and share, like our homewares has a history too.  Simple, delicious, family favourites that we have enjoyed for longer then we can remember, find their way onto your plate.  French Toast from our French Mauritian friends.  Pumpkin and Garlic Quiches that have been part of our Sunday baking for so long. Lamingtons and Lemon Pound Cakes from recipes that have been handed down for generations, are there for laid back afternoon teas.  Artisan Farine bagels and sourdoughs that are truly world class.

Our Baristas are individually trained by our wonderful Italian friend who has coffee roasting running thru his veins.  Every morning our vintage La Marzocco rewards Espresso lovers with the heady aroma of great brewed coffee.

So, this is Cafe Kim Soo, generous, fresh, beautiful food and drinks intended to fuel you into a spirited day.  A place to share your moments with family or friends, to relax under the Frangipani, people watch and plan the day ahead.