Silk Sleeping Mask
Silk Sleeping MaskSilk Sleeping MaskSilk Sleeping Mask

Take your beauty sleep seriously. Sleeping with the Silk Sleeping Mask will soon become a daily ritual you never even knew you needed. Resourcefully up-cycled from our silk offcuts, wear it while resting on our Silk Pillow Slip.

Fabric Composition 

100% Silk


We recommend bathing your silk in cool water that is diluted with a very gentle liquid detergent for up to 15 minutes. After soaking, rinse the silk and press softly between a towel to remove excess water before setting it away from direct sunlight to air-dry flat in it’s natural shape. To achieve the perfect finish, lightly steam the silk to rejuvenate it’s natural luster. 

Because of the delicacy and beauty of silk do not tumble dry, wash together with other items, wring or twist when wet, or apply an iron directly. 

Made in Bali, Indonesia

O T H E R    P I E C E S   W E   A R E   L O V I N G   T H I S   W E E K .  . .

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