The Kim Soo story began in 2015 out of a decaying and wonderful old Dutch Colonial style building, in Seminyak, Bali. We lived in this setting and drew inspiration from the spiritual surroundings, the bohemia that was on our doorstep, the now iconic arches and quirky beauty. We transformed her thick white masonry walls into a place of natural calm and personal style and in the process, found ourselves surrounded by the exceptional artisans of Indonesia. As it happens in love, we quickly fell for their craft and soon we began dreaming about our own vision of beauty; something stylish, decorative and spirited, something unpretentious and filled with island ease. We knew that it would be hard to label so we decided to instead be just that; very nicely hard to label. And in that moment the Kim Soo brand was born. 

 At the heart of the space and store are the brand's curators. A mother-daughter duo, driven by passion and their shared vision of the rare and beautiful. Together with their team they search the Indonesian Archipelago while working alongside local artisans to source and create pieces that promise to capture that je ne sais quoi spirit Kim Soo has become renowned for by locals and tourists alike. 

 To this day, the dream is right where it all started and we still don’t have doors. We just drop the canvas blinds each evening and roll them up each morning. It’s a ritual that naturally suits the free spirit of our beautiful old building and the very nicely hard to label homewares, furniture and fashion that fill it. A little bit bohemian, a little bit classic, exotic and contemporary; it seems this place was always intended for escape and we hope that this vision, our vision, brings you great pleasure and enriches each space you live in.  

With love, always,