Female Gaze Series - Figure
Female Gaze Series - Figure

Being a women founded and led business, and at its core, a mother-daughter team, we’re passionate about acknowledging the way women show up, with love and generosity. 


The Female Gaze is a photographic series directed and photographed by Kim Soo, that celebrates the female form in all it’s glory. There are 3 images of the female form in this series. 


Once you purchase the print in your preferred size, printing generally takes 1-3 days. The artwork is printed on a beautiful 310gsm Matte Finish 100% cotton Fine Art paper and printed & distributed in Australia. 


Photographed in Bali, Indonesia and printed in Australia.



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T H E   F E M A L E   G A Z E   S E R I E S  T O   M A K E   Y O U R   O W N . . .