Welcome to Kim Soo

We found ourselves dreaming of an everyday beauty. The kind of beauty that could be so many things at once. We started to define this and kept coming back to something that was stylish, decorative and spirited; something unpretentious and easy. We were surrounded by the exceptional creative skills of Indonesia and fell in love with their craft. It informed our vision of beauty and we wanted to capture that; to showcase something that combined the traditional with the modern and celebrated people, spaces, and things that had soul.

We knew that it would be hard to label so we decided to instead be just that; very nicely hard to label. And in that moment, the Kim Soo brand was born.

It all materialized in 2015, out of a decaying & wonderful old Dutch Colonial style building in Seminyak, Bali. We renovated the interior and exterior, added balconies and transformed her thick white masonry walls into a place of natural calm and personal style. We lived in this setting and drew inspiration from the spiritual surroundings, the bohemia that was on our doorstep, her arches and quirky beauty. To this day we still don’t have doors. We just drop the canvas blinds late each night and roll them up each morning. It’s a ritual that naturally suits the free spirit of our beautiful old building.

At the heart of it all are the brands curators who share a vision of a world full of modest, approachable and deeply alluring beauty. You may have encountered these women in our stores before, bouncing off one another’s contagious energy and zest for life. Living between Bali and Melbourne, they have their wild balancing act down to an art, that they execute perfectly while almost always head to toe in Gertrude. Together, they work with local artisans across the Indonesian Archipelago to search for and create pieces that promise to enrich a space and capture that je nai sais quoi spirit Kim Soo has become renowned for by locals and tourists alike.

In a way we like to think each of our products embody this spirit and today our retail spaces fuse the elements of home and store to bring you our finely honed edit of rare and beautiful homewares, furniture and fashion. It’s a little bit bohemian, a little bit ethnic, classic and contemporary and we hope that this vision, our vision, brings you great pleasure and enriches the space you live in.